Clinical Integration

Building the Foundation

There is no doubt that huge changes are underway in every aspect of the nation's health care delivery and reimbursement infrastructure. To ensure long-term success, physicians must be proactive in developing local solutions that make sense. EvergreenHealth’s physician leaders have done just that – taking the lead with a collaborative approach to health care delivery aimed at sustaining and improving quality, outcomes and service; controlling costs; and supporting the independent practice of medicine. 

As a clinically-integrated physician network, EvergreenHealth Partners will improve both the quality of care delivered and the quality of patient lives. Working together and with EvergreenHealth, we will improve the consistency and communication as patients move back and forth from the physician’s office to the hospital. While clinical integration is a relatively new concept in our region, it has been employed effectively across the country.

Many of your colleagues volunteered their time to help build this model of care to meet the unique needs of our physician community. The EvergreenHealth Partners Board of Managers and its committees are comprised of physicians representing multiple aspects of care, from the primary care office to the surgical suite.

We urge you to join in our discussions, ask questions, challenge assumptions and participate in building a strong future for our practices and our patients.

EvergreenHealth Partners, LLC is...

A clinical integration network.
A clinical integration network is a voluntary collaboration among physicians, often in conjunction with a hospital or health system, to develop ongoing clinical initiatives focused on delivering quality, efficiency and value to ensure patients receive coordinated care across specialties and sites.

At the helm of a nationwide movement toward performance- and value-based pay models.
The nation’s health care systems are gradually moving from traditional fee-for-service reimbursement models to new performance- and value-based payment models. Clinical integration networks bring value to patients, employers, payers and providers by removing communication barriers, improving efficiency and enabling health care providers to join together to enhance the health of the community.

The first clinical integration network in the Puget Sound region.
EvergreenHealth Partners joins independent physician private practices with EvergreenHealth employed physicians to create a collaboration of coordinated care across King County’s Eastside region. Clinical integration networks are a proven concept with a track record of success – there are approximately 500 others in the United States and EvergreenHealth Partners is the first of its kind in the Puget Sound region.

A physician-led group of more than 600 health care providers representing nearly 100 practices.
EvergreenHealth Partners is a physician-led organization managed by peers who hold each other accountable to quality standards determined by the group. This large quantity of skilled providers representing an array of specialties ensures each patient receives quality care that meets their health care needs.

Dedicated to improving patient outcomes while lowering overall cost.
Efficiency and quality go hand in hand as pillars of EvergreenHealth Partners' network. This ensures that each patient receives expert care delivered by a group of physicians with access to shared resources for streamlined health care that is never redundant.

Grounded by a patient-focused approach to health care.
EvergreenHealth Partners brings together independent physicians, specialists and hospital-employed doctors to streamline care, increase cost efficiencies and improve access to resources. With these tools, EvergreenHealth Partners providers are able to have a deeper, more patient-focused conversation and to align around quality and cost in a way not achievable in traditional health care models. Engaged health care providers can attack waste in ways health plans cannot.

Fostering accountability and value through financial incentives to meet quality benchmarks.
The Federal Trade Commission requires that providers are incentivized with financial rewards for meeting quality benchmarks, ensuring that treatment decisions are driven by patient care and quality outcomes rather than cost or convenience. These incentives align the entire organization to improve care for patients in the most efficient manner possible.

Able to measure and track quality improvements using a physician quality database.
Patients using EvergreenHealth Partners providers will receive coordinated care made possible by a case management program and an extensive reporting system of physician quality data that will eventually be made publicly available to guide patients in selecting providers to meet their health care needs.