Quality Measures

EvergreenHealth Partners physicians are taking a leading edge, collaborative approach to healthcare delivery aimed at improving quality and outcomes, controlling costs and strengthening the position of the private practice physician to contract collectively with commercial health plans.

The EvergreenHealth Partners clinical integration program contains initiatives that:

  • Optimize clinical outcomes
  • Adopt evidence-based protocols
  • Reduce unnecessary utilization
  • Provide measurable results
  • Help evaluate physician performance

The program fosters interdependence among providers and enables them to achieve higher quality and greater cost-effectiveness than they likely could accomplish on their own. It also enables joint contracting with fee-for-service health plans in a way that financially recognizes the physicians’ efforts to improve healthcare quality and efficiency.


As the program’s sponsor, EvergreenHealth provides financial and operational support, including personnel and the information technology structure needed for data visibility across the full continuum of care. EvergreenHealth also provides staffing specific to helping providers meet the quality goals set by EvergreenHealth Partners.

Debi Jefferson, RN - Care Coordinator

In the role of care coordinator, Debi is the central link for organization of care and services, working closely with the care coordinators to roll out resources to patients.  Using information from patient reports, Debi identifies the high-risk and "care gap" patients and then meets with the clinic team to discuss the reports and develop process to address the patient needs. 

Debi is a veteran nursing professional with more than 20 years of experience helping patients handle chronic illness. She also has valuable familiarity with the insurance side, having designed and implemented health management strategies for a local brokerage.


Sara Rutherford, MPH, RHIA - Quality Coordinator

Sara Rutherford monitors the individual and collective performance of our providers across all of the EvergreenHealth Partners quality initiatives, helping practices and providers understand and track their quality initiatives against the EHP targets. She is the point of contact for any questions related to quality metrics, targets and strategies.

Sara has years of experience designing and managing health information management systems, along with constructing interventions for identifying and managing at-risk patient populations.