For Physicians

EvergreenHealth PartnersWelcome to EvergreenHealth Partners (EHP).

We are a clinically integrated network of more than 600 health care providers working together to share responsibility in providing the best quality care and service, and the best value in care, for our community.

Our network is physician-driven, physician-led and physician-managed and is open to all physicians affiliated with EvergreenHealth.

Our goals are:

  • Sustain and improve quality, outcomes and services for our patients
  • Better control rising health care costs
  • Strengthen the ability of physicians to contract collectively with fee-for-service health plans

How does our clinical integration network work?

The physician members of EHP develop and manage a quality program comprised of clinical initiatives to improve the quality and efficiency of patient care. We then work with EvergreenHealth Medical Center to remove any barriers to the coordination of patient care and increase the efficiency of care and service delivery across all care sites. This means our patients will receive greater consistency of high quality care delivered from a trusted source—their physician—through better and more efficient communication between you, your colleagues and your patients.

We have developed EHP in compliance with Federal Trade Commission guidelines, which provides independent physicians with a legal basis for collective negotiation with payers and employers for enhanced reimbursement based on improved clinical outcomes and efficiencies. Therefore, EvergreenHealth Partners participants have aligned incentives to be rewarded for their quality improvement efforts.

Learn More About EvergreenHealth Partners

We’d be happy to answer your questions about EHP, or assist you in enrolling.

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